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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good Morning ~ How is every one doing today?  Here doing good. The weather could be warmer, but that will come soon enough then we will be complaining about the heat and wish it would be cooler. Funny we are never happy are we. Last week Thursday my youngest slid down a few stairs in the house and bit the middle of his tongue. It was quite gross. Come to find out the tongues heals quit fast. He was eating hot dogs and ketchup the next day with no problems.

We had a rainstorm Saturday which caused lots of tree limbs and power lines to fall. My mother-in-law says that  grandma and grandpa's yard looks like some one cut tree tops and just left the mess. So this next Saturday we all get to go to visit grandma and grandpa and clean up. It will be fun the kids always have fun at their house and so do the adults.

I am not very creative when coming up with ideas on what to prim make. I usually surf the web and buy patterns and go from there. I am lost for ideas. If anyone has any please don't be afraid to speak up! LOL

Well have a great day! I off to explore the Internet for some ideas.....;)